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Fleshlight Boost Bang Realistic Masturbator


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Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Make sure your next solo session ends with a big, satisfying bang with Fleshlight’s new and improved masturbator. Boasting incredible realism and better suction control than ever before, you really can treat yourself. Just like other Fleshlights, the Boost Bang is super realistic and feels skin-like to the touch. Where it differs to other Fleshlights is inside. Just past the marvellously moulded entrance, two rings are suspended within the canal to give your john a big welcome-home squeeze. Deep enough to fully engulf most penises, the Boost Bang also features an updated suction control for even more precision over your stimulation. Be sure to use with plenty of water-based lube so you can bring it all home with, ahem, a bang.