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Fleshlight Flight to Shower Mount Adaptor


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You already love your Fleshlight Flight, and now you can love hands-free sessions in the shower with your Fleshlight Flight to Shower Mount Adaptor. Attaches to the Fleshlight Shower Mount and the base of your Fleshlight for hassle-free, hands-free fun. Simply unscrew the cap of your Fleshlight Flight and attach the adaptor, then screw the adaptor onto the Shower Mount. Fix the Shower Mount in an ideal place for hands-free fun, and enjoy the texture of your favourite Flight model. Compatible with all Flight models of Fleshlight. Please note: This product is not compatible with non-Flight models of Fleshlight. This product must be used with Fleshlight Shower Mount and Hands-Free Adaptor and does not provide a hands-free experience on its own.