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Jenna Haze Fleshlight (Obsession Texture)


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At last, a Fleshlight made from genuine, jizz-able Jenna. Enter a Haze of delicious delight as you sink into a soft, 9 inch silky replica of the former porn star’s gorgeously textured pussy, cast from her lush frills and folds. You may become Obsessed…Imagine gazing at the intimate area between Jenna’s thighs, invitingly wet from all the lube you’ve applied, and waiting for your manhood. That’s what you’ll be doing every time you open the exclusive pearlescent case of this tempting toy. Enjoy her personal Obsession texture as you thrust inside a soft, lifelike Super Skin vagina, warmed by water and ready for use. It’s an incredibly realistic experience that feels just like the real thing. Jenna awaits your attention. Just don’t forget water-based lube to make your experience with her even more exciting.