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Honey Play Box Joi Pro



Meet the Honey Play Box Joi Pro – the ultimate pleasure experience that will take your orgasms to the next level! This innovative vibrator features a remote control that allows you to personalize your pleasure with 7 clit licking modes and 7 rotation & vibration modes. Its body-safe silicone material and waterproof design ensure that you can enjoy it anywhere, even in wet environments.

The honeybee-inspired design is not only stylish but also intuitive and easy to use. With an ergonomic design that fits most vulvas, the Joi Pro’s rotating head targets and stimulates your G-spot with precision, delivering ‘earth-shattering pleasure’. Paired with the clit licker, which can also be used for anal stimulation, this vibrator offers endless possibilities for experimentation and fun.

This compact and convenient vibrator is perfect for exploring your sexual fantasies and experiencing mind-blowing pleasure. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the world of pleasure toys, the Honey Play Box Joi Pro is the perfect fit for you. With detailed guides and reviews available, you’ll be able to find the right toy and learn how to use it correctly.

The Joi Pro vibrator is made of top-quality ABS and Silicone materials, ensuring both safety and durability. With dimensions of 6.80″1.48″ for the device and 1.98″*2.06″ for the remote control, it’s lightweight and portable, making it perfect for on-the-go pleasure. The device is also low noise (≤50 DB) and comes with a Li-ion rechargeable battery that provides a 2 hour charging time and a 1 hour using time.

Overall, the Honey Play Box Joi Pro is the perfect combination of safety, pleasure, and versatility. Treat yourself to the ultimate pleasure experience and let your body thank you!


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